The Complete “What’s in that Book?”

All right! Here’s the full contents of the just-released Daniel Clowes Reader, 360 pages of comics, essays, interviews, annotations, and more!

  Ghost World
  “Blue Italian Shit”
  “Like a Weed, Joe”
  “Black Nylon”
  “Ugly Girls”
  “Art School Confidential”
(Reprinted in color!)
  “Justin M. Damiano” (First appearance in a Clowes collection.)
  “Introduction” (First reprinting.)
  “Daniel G. Clowes ®™ in Just Another Day …”
  “The Party”
  “Buddy Bradley in Who Would You Rather …?”  
  “Man-Child,” “Wallace Wood,” “Tom Pudd,” “You,” “King Ego” (First reprinting.)

  Introduction and annotations for each comic.
  Ghost World index of key words, phrases, themes, and objects.
  Glossary of terms related to comics, cartooning, and graphic novels.
  Chronology of Clowes’s life and career.
  Modern Cartoonist, Clowes’s manifesto!

  Clowes’s definitive discussion of Ghost World.
  His most extensive conversation on artistic process.
  Five excerpts on gender and autobiography in the Rodger Young stories. 
  Fifteen interview excerpts on issues crucial to Clowes’s comics and philosophy.

“An Aesthetic Biography of Daniel Clowes.” 
How comic books and Jack Webb made Clowes who he is. 

“The Ghost Worlds of Modern Adolescence.”  
A sophisticated look at Ghost World, growing up, and strip-mall capitalism.

“How Ghost World Made Me Brave.” 
A moving, personal reflection on Clowes’s comic.

“Literature at the Xerox Machine.” 
The indie, DIY, and zine movement contexts of Clowes’s work.

“‘Me Worry?’ / ‘U BUY.’” 
Advertising in Clowes’s 1990s Eightball comics and commercial work.

“Against Groovy.” 
Clowes, artists, musicians, and the philosophy of “Original Generation X.”

“‘Etc., Etc.’: The Post-Punk Ballad of Rodger Young.” 
An exploration of music, adolescence, and romantic cynicism in two stories.

“Clowes’s Romanticism and the Urban Aesthetics of Ugly (1986-1998).” 
How Clowes’s Chicago upbringing and love of Mad magazine shaped his art.

“Decoding ‘Black Nylon.’” 
Psychoanalysis, sexuality, and genre in Clowes’s disturbing superhero narrative.

And Much More …