Not Mere Men …

In this panel of original art, comics publisher/charlatan Dr. Infinity urges a naive Mr. Pussey on to Fantasy Greatness, a scene all the more tragic given DP’s ignominious ending:


Hype followed by Clowes Original Art

First, The Hype:

Some fellow tumblr-ers have expressed appreciation for our book, The Daniel Clowes Reader

Regret-A-Day says our information on Clowes’s Ghost World is “absolutely astonishing. I find myself reading Ghost World for the 50th time with completely new eyes. Things I never noticed before are popping out at me.”

Simple Ranger says “It’s a dense book full of stories, panels, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stuff that gave me an entirely new perspective on Clowes.”

Thank you, both.

Ok, now the Original Art:

The back cover to Eightball #13 (1994) features Clowes’s “Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine,” adapted from a truly disturbing 1896 book of the same title. Here’s the comic’s art:

imageThe published color version differs from the original in a few ways, such as the addition of clouds in this panel:image(I’d guess that the clouds, which have no black lines, were drawn on an overlay that was placed over the art before it was reproduced.)

Here’s the book’s title page followed by Clowes’s opening panel:


Read more about The Daniel Clowes Reader here.

Barnaby 2

Here’s the cover for the forthcoming Barnaby, Volume Two, a collection of comic strips by Crockett Johnson. Clowes is the series designer, and I would guess that he created the title lettering ‘Barnaby’, while the face is by Johnson. 




As folks have noted, Clowes’s streamlined design clearly follows the minimalist look of the old Barnaby paperbacks, and even of the strip itself.

General Happiness

Back in 1991, Clowes did the cover art for Place of General Happiness: Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings, Vol. 2.





Here (I think) is ENB as he appears in a Clowes / David Greenberger comic titled “Where Do Wiseguys Come From?” (Eightball #6, 1991).

I wonder what happened to Enid and Rebecca …

Over at the Pigeon Press Gallery, Clowes’s preliminary layout  for a post-Ghost World story about Enid and Rebecca — “Where Are They Now?” — was recently posted and quickly sold. The story appears in our book, The Daniel Clowes Reader.image

See here for more details about the art.

Eight - Ball / Bar

A few days back, I linked to a story about a Baltimore bar filled with Daniel Clowes art. The bar’s name — EightBar — refers to Clowes’s comic-book series Eightball (1989-2004). The bar’s logo is based on lettering from the cover of Eightball #6 (1991):



Some new pictures can be seen here.

Clowes / Gould

In this sequence from an old Cracked ”Uggly Family” comic (1988), Clowes imitates Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy:

imageThis excerpt comes from a 1968 strip.

Dan Clowes Art

The just-launched Pigeon Press Gallery has some nice Clowes originals for sale.

Please check it all out here:

Clowes Bar Art

A Baltimore bar covered in Clowes:

The Uggly Olympics!

Tired of the Beauty, Majesty, and Power of Sport? Well, we have the antidote: A seldom-seen Daniel Clowes page from an old Uggly Family comic.


The comic is written by “Eel O’Brien,” aka Mort Todd. Clowes is credited as “Stash Gillespie.”