The cover of Clowes’s Eightball #18 (1997) features an apocalyptic sci-fi scene: a human/robot plays a drum with one hand (announcing the Apocalypse?) and the other hand holds a ray-gun that shoots pink goop, turning people into naked monstrosities. All this while emitting some weird oval sound pulses. 

This image recalls a 1950s Japanese “drummer robot” toy and its box art, in which the robot happily marches in a pretty bleak environment, emitting light and sound:


image This site has some information on Nomura’s “Musical Drummer Robot”

DCR at UArts


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COVER has just released the cover for the upcoming Complete Eightball:


666 - Tribulation Time.

Daniel Clowes original art: the double ‘splash page’ for “666 - A Preview of the Coming Apocalypse” (Blab! #4,1989).

Original Comic Art:Splash Pages, Daniel Clowes Blab! #4 "6... Image #2

From auction site

Vending OK

The OK Soda Vending Machine insert (from the trade brochure), followed by a photo of the actual vending machine front, which looks a little different:




Yesterday at the DANIEL CLOWES READER tumblr, I posted an image from a 1994 OK Soda trade brochure. The booklet has a pocket in the back with around 15 glossy inserts that show different OK items, such as premiums (t-shirts, hats, etc) and point-of sale-display items. I’ve never seen many of the things on these sheets. I wonder: did they ever make the PBN581 ‘shelf wobbler’?


This 8.5 x 11 illustration appears in a ‘trade brochure’ for OK Soda (1994). image

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I Like This Guy’s Jacket and Tie




As you may know, in 1993-94, Clowes created art for the “beverage” known as OK Soda. I hadn’t seen these TV ads:

Here at The Daniel Clowes Reader, we looked at Clowes’s involvement with OK in some past posts, looking at images from Clowes’s comics that the cartoonist redrew for the product:

Like a Velvet Glove Around the World

A somewhat random look at international covers of Clowes’s 1993 masterpiece.




Como un guante de seda forjado en hierro (rústica)



Som en sammetshandske smidd i järn


[2nd US paperback cover - original art]

"Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron (cover proof)" is copyright ©2008 by Daniel Clowes.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction prohibited.

[2nd US paperback cover - color proof]